Pammvi Aviation belongs to the 400 Million US$ Pammvi Group having over 330 employees and has its office and representatives in major metropolitan cities and industrial towns.

Pammvi Group founded in 1991 has several divisions comprising Oil & Gas, Aviation, Energy Conservation, Tools, Medical, Engineering and Consultancy. In its aviation division it provides services to commercial aircraft, military, business aviation, helicopters, through its reputed principals who have years of collective experience, hereby bringing unique knowledge and expertise in solving maintenance challenges.

At Pammvi Aviation through their principals, our people are dedicated to excellence and innovation. We not only do things the right way, we’re always looking for a better way – from developing proprietary repair processes to redesigning our facilities to make them among the most efficient in the world. But ultimately, everything they do is to enhance the ownership and operating experience of our customers – to provide the kind of service that gives you peace of mind, knowing the job will be done with skill and precision and that you’ll be back in the air in the shortest possible time.

Mr. Viveck Guptaa is the president and CEO of pammvi aviation, belonging to the 400 million US$ Pammvi Group having over 330 employees. Pammvi Aviation has over 23 years experience serving a diverse array of customers in business and general aviation, airlines, military, helicopter, components, energy and VIP completion markets. After successfully growing the group with the modest amount of 300 US$ to 400 million US$ in less than 23 years. He saw rapid growth in the aviation sector and further diversified group by entering the aviation sector.

Mr. Amit Gupta, Technical Director, looks after all the technical issues and is responsible for ensuring proper engine maintenance repair and overhaul, nose-to-tall services that include airframe, interior refurbishments and paint for business and general aviation, air transport and military aircraft.

For more information about products & Services, contact :- PAMMVI AVIATION.

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